Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my baby girls, Kay-Kay and Ry-Ry!!  I can not believe my baby girls are 4 years old today!!  Four years ago my life changed in a way I could never have imagined.  The day those girls were born was the happiest day of my life!



We had a small family party for the girls on Saturday, our 6-year wedding anniversary.  The girls had so much fun!!  I did not get any pictures because I was too busy playing hostess.  Kay-Kay and Ry-Ry enjoyed spending the day with their cousins and playing with their new toys.  After the party the girls were exhausted!  They passed out on the couch while hugging one of their birthday presents from the cousins.







We decided we were going to give the girls their birthday presents from us today, their actual birthday.  So this morning when I heard them whispering in their room I quickly raced downstairs with their presents and put them on the couch so when they would come downstairs they would see them.

When Kay-Kay and Ry-Ry saw the Pillow Pets they were so excited!!!  They have been asking for Pillow Pets for so long!!  When I purchased the pillow pets on Friday I bought one ladybug and one unicorn thinking the girls would not want the same one…BIG MISTAKE!!  The tears that ensued when Ry-Ry realized she didn’t get a ladybug Pillow Pet broke my heart!  I can’t believe I made my little girl cry because she did not get the present she wanted!  I was devastated!  I quickly reassured her that as soon as the mall opened this morning we would go up and exchange her unicorn for the lady bug she really wanted.  So after a trip to the mall and an easy exchange, both girls have ladybug Pillow Pets that they have carried around all day.  We scored big on the presents this year!!  Yeah me!


The remainder of their birthday was uneventful.  Both girls are sound asleep in their beds and I’m looking forward to relaxing for a little before the work we starts again.  Boo!

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6 Responses to Happy Birthday!

  1. Aww, Happy Birthday to your girls- they are absolutely beautiful!!

  2. lisaou11 says:

    wow twins! congratulations.

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