Fall Festivities

Today we made our annual trip to Paulus Orchards to pick apples and pumpkins.  This was our third year going to Paulus Orchards, it is so convenient and close to our house (only 10 minutes away).  First up, apple picking.




Rows upon rows of apple trees.  This week they had golden delicious, red delicious, staymen and cameo apples available for picking.  We headed right to the golden delicious (my second favorite apple, we missed honey crisp apples by one week).














After we filled our bag with apples we headed over to the pumpkin field to find some cute little pumpkins for the girls.




There were still so many pumpkins to choose from!










After finding the perfect pumpkins we ventured over to the small swing-set they have for the kids.  They have a larger play area for kids but we opted not to do that today.




I made a quick stop in the farm stand for a jar of pumpkin butter – so excited to try this – then it was time to come home.  The girls are now napping in their beds and the hubby is down in the man cave basement watching football.  It was the perfect fall afternoon!


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4 Responses to Fall Festivities

  1. Haha- ‘the mancave’- too funny 🙂
    Your girls are absolutely ADORABLE!!! & it looks like such a fun day.
    Pumpkin butter is awesome– I really need to stock up on some this season, but it’s kind of hard to find down here.

  2. Meg says:

    So adorable! I love apple picking 😀

  3. We had our 3rd year of tradition going to the pumpkin patch and corn maze this weekend. I love it so much. I still really want to go apple picking though. And try pumpkin butter!

    Glad you had a great time with the family. Love all the pictures!

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