The Big 3-0!!!!




Well it’s finally here…my 30th birthday!  Aaahh!!  I can not believe that I am 30 years old!!  I still remember my mom’s 30th birthday so clearly  When I look back on the past ten years I am flooded with great memories and accomplishments from my twenties…

  • Turning 21 and finally partying legally!
  • Graduating college and getting a job
  • Buying our first home
  • Marrying my best friend
  • Passing the CPA exam
  • Getting pregnant and giving birth to my amazing girls
  • Making great new friends that will be life-long friends
  • Taking some amazing trips with my husband, family and friends


A few months ago when I thought about turning 30 I started to freak out and feel depressed that I was getting “old.”  Now when I look at turning 30 I think about the amazing memories I will make in this next decade of my life.  There are so many things I want to do and places I want to see.  I am excited to see where this next chapter in my life takes me! 


My new motto…30 is the new 20!


Happy Birthday to me!!


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5 Responses to The Big 3-0!!!!

  1. lisaou11 says:

    happy birthday! I think 30 is a fabulous age! Ive heard many women say their 30s was when life really started going uphill in a good way for them!

  2. Hope you had a great birthday! And I’m not 30 just yet, but I actually can’t wait to be. I always hear that the 30s are the best years because you still have that sense of youth, but are more affirmed in who you are as well. That’s such a powerful combination to me.

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