Finding Balance

This post is inspired by Tina’s post on being Overcommitted and Katie’s post on Changing her Exercise Routine.  Right now I’m going through a phase in my life (I hope it’s just a phase anyway) where I feel completely overwhelmed with all that I’ve got going on in my life.  I’m trying to balance being a good mom, being a good wife, working part-time (if you consider 30 hours per week part-time), working out regularly, and enjoying a little me time too!  My daily routine that I was so comfortable with got thrown out the window in July when we enrolled the girls in preschool 4 days a week. 


Ever since then, I have not been able to find a balance where I am truly happy with my routine and the amount of time I am devoting to each of my “priorities.”  I think the first step towards finding a balance and developing a routine should be to establish my priorities!


Priority #1 – My Family

My husband and my kids are my world and I want to make sure that I make them priority #1!

Us from Wedding






Priority #2 – Me

If I don’t make myself a priority then I am only hurting those around me.  I need to make sure that I carve out some time in the day so that I can do the things I really enjoy.  I need this “me time” to stay sane!  Since our gym is in our basement I really have no excuse not to workout. Right now the problem is fitting those workouts into busy days that leave me exhausted!  I’m going to take some tips from Katie and try fitting my workouts into different time slots within my days and see what works best for my schedule.  Hopefully I can find a time that works for me and makes it possible for me to making working out a priority in my life!


Priority #3 – Work

I have to say that I really enjoy my job.  I enjoy the people I work with and I enjoy what I do.  I am constantly being challenged and there is still so much for me to learn!  I make my job a priority because I like my job.  Check back with me around March when I’m in the midst of tax season and I may have a different answer!


Priority #4 – Everything Else!

This is the catch-all for the many other things in my life! I have a list about a mile long of books that I would love to read.  I have so many recipes tagged in magazines and my Google Reader that I would love to try.  I have a running list of projects around the house that I want to tackle.  There is just not enough time to fit everything in and something has to be sacrificed.  For now, I’m comfortable putting these items on the back burner in order to make the other things in my life a priority.  But someday (hopefully soon)  I hope that these items can weave themselves into my “me time” as a priority.


I hope that by establishing what my priorities are, I will be able to settle into a comfortable routine again.  Any time I feel overwhelmed with the possibility of adding something new to my plate I will be sure to consider my priorities and how they will be impacted!


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2 Responses to Finding Balance

  1. Very, very smart idea to prioritize your goals first! That definitely helps you keep it all in perspective and figure out what kind of balance will work for you. I love that you put yourself as your second priority – it ties in perfectly with the post I have for tomorrow!

  2. Tina says:

    It feels empowering to list out priorities, huh? Kind of puts things in perspective and helps keep things in the right focus from day to day. I’ve been feeling a lot better since taking a look at mine. Hope you are too!

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