October Goals–Revisited

Way back on October 1st I wrote about my goals for October, well now it’s the end of October and time to see what I’ve accomplished!


Goal #1 – Complete 3 regular, non-girly, push-ups in a row

With the help of my personal trainer (the hubby) I have made great progress towards this goal.  While I can not do 3 regular, non-girly, push-ups in a row, I have significantly improved my girly push-ups and fully believe I am on my way towards the 3 regular push-ups. I am going to continue working on this goal during November.


Goal #2 – Try one new recipe a week

This did not happen!  For the month, I think we tried one new recipe, Old Fashioned Pot Roast in the slow cooker.  It was rather delicious and it was very convenient to have dinner ready when we came home from work.  I had the best intentions of trying some of the great recipes I have flagged.  I’m hoping to take a better shot at this in November too.


Goal #3 – Read at least one book to the girls EVERY day

Again, this did not happen.  Sad smile  Over the course of the month we did read more books together than we have in previous months, however, it was not one a day.  I could make excuses on why it didn’t happen but I won’t.  The idea behind the goal was not to force them to listen to me read a book, it was more to make sure I took the time to connect with my daughters every day and give them some special attention.  This is something I am continually working on and will continue to work on in November also.


As October 2010 comes to a close I have many great memories from this month:

Only 54 more shopping days until Christmas!


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