November Goals

I really enjoyed setting goals for October and working towards them throughout the month.  Even though I did not actually achieve each of the goals, I still feel very accomplished!  I am hoping that this month I will continue to work on the goals I set for last month as well as the new goals for November.


Goal #1 – Take a multivitamin and calcium supplement every day.  I know that my eating habits are not providing me with 100% of the recommended daily allowance for many vitamins and minerals so supplementing with a good multivitamin is probably a good idea.  I also want to take a calcium supplement since calcium is critical to good bone health!


Goal #2 – Spend 10 minutes each day reflecting on something for which I am grateful.  Sometimes I feel like the hustle and bustle of life has me just going through the motions each day instead of actually appreciating the gifts that God has given me.   By devoting 10 minutes of my day (morning or night) to reflect on my graces I hope to fully appreciate the gifts I have been blessed with.


Goal #3 -  Create a budget for holiday shopping.  With the holidays right around the corner, the first thing I must do before spending any money on Christmas gifts is develop my budget.  I know that by creating a budget I will be able to keep my Christmas spending under control.  The holiday is not about giving presents, however when shopping for my two little girls if I do not set a limit for my spending I will go crazy!


Monday has officially kicked my butt!  Time to bathe the kiddos and relax in front of the TV while watching my favorite CBS line-up.  Goodnight all!


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