Thanksgiving feast

Today was a special day at school for Kay-Kay and Ry-Ry, it was the Thanksgiving Feast.  It was an opportunity for the parents to come and eat a special Thanksgiving lunch with their children.  Unfortunately, Kyle was not able to make it today so my mom came up from Maryland to attend with me.






The girls were wearing special pumpkin hats they colored themselves and sang a special Thanksgiving song to all the parents/guests in attendance.  It was a very nice lunch that included all of the traditional Thanksgiving foods: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, rolls, cranberry sauce, and pie.  The girls really enjoyed sharing the Thanksgiving Feast with us and were not happy about finishing the remainder of their day at school.


I’m going to do a little reading for work while my food settles and then get a good workout in before picking the kids up from school.  Enjoy your afternoon!!


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2 Responses to Thanksgiving feast

  1. I remember those days back in elementary school and actually miss them. 🙂 Looks like they had a blast- they’ll cherish it for yeaarrss.

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