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Goals for 2011

It’s that time of year when everyone makes their New Years resolutions in hopes of becoming a better person in the new year.  I like to make goals rather than resolutions.  To me, a resolution has a negative connotation and … Continue reading

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Secret Santa

My Secret Santa gift arrived!!  I received this awesome gift from Meagan!!  The loot included some awesome finds from her time in Europe…a cookie from Slovakia, torrone from Italy, chocolate Euros, and a Christmas card from Hungary.  How cool is … Continue reading

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Christmas Joy

Christmas was awesome!!  The girls are at such a fun age that Christmas was really an enjoyable experience.  We do some travelling for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that makes for some really long days but it was absolutely worth … Continue reading

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Buckeye Recipe

My dad spent the majority of his childhood in Ohio and my grandparents still live there today.  Growing up, my Nana would always make Buckeyes for us at Christmas time.  Buckeyes are essentially peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate however … Continue reading

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Tape Monster

I am feeling very accomplished after getting 99.9% of my wrapping completed today.  The only gift left to wrap is for my mother-in-law and it will be wrapped tomorrow morning after some final touches. Those are only the gifts I … Continue reading

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Fully Recovered

I have finally recovered from the cold/sinus infection/flu that took over my life last week.  I woke up on Monday feeling a little tickle in my throat but I was able to go through my day.  Tuesday I woke up … Continue reading

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Still Alive

I’m still alive, just battling a nasty head cold. Be back soon with some updates and highlights!

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Salsa Chicken in the Crockpot

Wow…today was so much better than yesterday!!  A good night of sleep and some clean eating makes me feel so much better!!   Breakfast this morning was a warm bowl of oats and a cup of coffee.  The combination of … Continue reading

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Ahhh…much better

Today I did not make the best choices with my food and my body let me know.  I knew that dinner had to be something fresh and healthy!      Salad #5 of the 20 Salads in December challenge.  It … Continue reading

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I don’t know what I was thinking today!  Breakfast was good…scrambled eggs, toast with pumpkin butter and coffee.  After that it was all downhill!   I snacked on junk all day and now I feel totally gross!!  My tummy hurts … Continue reading

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