Happy December 1st!

I’m so excited that December is finally here!  Christmas is coming!!  I saw Lisa’s post for 20 Salads in December and thought it was a really great idea.  I love salad and could always use more veggies in my diet.  Since today was the first day of the challenge I thought I would start off with a bang…my favorite taco salad.




I picked up this awesome salad from one of the restaurants in the food court where my office is located.  I tend to pack my lunch but today I really wanted a taco salad!  The salad starts with a base of romaine lettuce in a fried tortilla bowl, you then get to add the meat of your choice and all the toppings you want.  I decided on the shredded chicken (which is awesome) and then loaded the salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, Pico de Gallo, cheese, sour cream and guacamole.  This salad is awesome but don’t expect to see too many more of these…it’s a very rare treat that I get this taco salad for lunch.  I’m looking forward to making some great salads and trying new combinations of veggies and dressings.


Today was also the first day the girls could open one of the doors in our Christmas Advent calendar.  I mentioned yesterday that I thinking about doing a scavenger hunt type activity with the girls each night.  I started pretty basic tonight and had a little riddle for the girls to solve in order for them to get their first gift.




Can you figure out the riddle??  The girls did not need much help and figured it out on their own.  Waiting for them were these…




They were so excited!  They ran to the window to look and see if Santa was still there.  I am so excited to keep this going…I picked up some great gifts for the rest of the days, I just need to work on some riddles/scavenger hunt clues.


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4 Responses to Happy December 1st!

  1. aww Chocolate. I remember those little chocolate santas from when I was little!

    Good job on salad 1!

  2. i LOVE taco salads! this one looks amazing!

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