Thursday Love

I love Thursdays!! My current work arrangement allows me to work just 4 days a week and be home with my girls on Fridays, so today was my Friday at work.  All morning at work I just kept running through my shopping list in my head.  There were so many errands I wanted to run and things I needed to purchase. 


Finally around 12:30 this afternoon I had had enough…PTO for the rest of the day!  I have the time available and my company has a use it or lose it policy so today I took advantage of it and spent my afternoon shopping!!  I got everything crossed off my shopping list that I really needed (and of course a little more)!  I purposely stayed away from Target today because I knew if I went in there I would spend way too much money!!


The final stop on my list was the grocery store.  I needed to stock up on fresh veggies if I want to make a solid attempt at the 20 Salads in December.  My salad tonight was AWESOME!




I made a huge salad with:

  • spring mix
  • baby spinach
  • grape tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • broccoli slaw
  • feta cheese
  • mango salsa
  • leftover turkey

I topped it off with Annie’s Naturals Fat Free Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette.  Love that dressing!


One of my errands today was to pick up some Christmas crafts to do with the girls.  First craft, bead bracelets.











After finishing their bracelets with them I headed down to the basement to hit the elliptical machine for a quick cardio session.  Tonight would normally be an upper body circuit workout but I really did not feel like strength training, so I grabbed an issue of Fitness magazine and pulled off 30 minutes on the elliptical. 


I have a fun day of Christmas activities planned for the girls and I tomorrow!  Off to enjoy my “Friday” night!


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2 Responses to Thursday Love

  1. They are just TOO cute!!
    That is awesome that you have Fridays off- definitely helps make the work week not quite so bad 🙂

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