Lately our internet connection has been hit or miss, we will have a connection for 2 minutes and then lose it!  Do you know how hard it is to blog when you don’t have a decent internet connection???  I do have access to the internet on my phone so I was able to check e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and read some blogs via my Google Reader app however my battery quickly died when I was constantly using it for the internet.

Not having internet isn’t all bad!  It allowed me time to focus on my family and myself without the distraction of the internet/computer.  Our service provider came out today and “fixed” the problem.  I’m hoping they fixed it for good!

Time to catch up on some blogs that I love and some Facebook Scrabble games!


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1 Response to Reconnected

  1. Glad to see your internet is back! That happened to me once for about a MONTH! It was pretty devastating lol

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