Today was one of those days at work where I didn’t really feel like being around anyone.  I was grumpy and didn’t want my poor attitude to rub off on anyone else at work.  I had a lot of frustration building up inside and I knew a good workout would help me relieve a lot of that frustration. 

My workout of choice tonight:


30 Day Shred DVD with Jillian Michaels.  I specifically picked this workout because I knew Level 1 had some punching in it and I was really in the mood to punch!! 

I’ve had this DVD for a few months but I haven’t used it in while.  I really like that it’s a quick workout and I feel like I get a decent workout.  It does not replace my good weight sessions or my cardio sessions but it does give me some variety in my workouts.  This is the only fitness DVD I own (at the moment). 

I gave everything I had during the few air-boxing cardio segments and I really feel better.  I don’t feel nearly as frustrated and grumpy as I did earlier.  I really need to find an additional outlet for my frustration when I’m at work…leaving work to go home and workout is generally frowned upon at my place of employment.

Any tips or tricks for relieving frustrations or a bad mood when you are at work?  I need some suggestions!

Time to relax and enjoy the snow falling in Central PA!


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2 Responses to Shredded

  1. How funny! I just did a post reviewing a Biggest Loser workout video. Yeah, it’s not quite the same as Jillian’s Shred video, but it’s still a funny coincidence.

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