Wish List Wednesday

Only two more days until the weekend!  Today was like any other Wednesday…work for me and school for the kiddos. 

Breakfast was the same as every other day this week…chocolate protein overnight oats with fresh strawberries!


I am a creature of habit…when I find something I like, I stick with it!  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

I mixed up my mid-morning snack a little, I added frozen raspberries to my Chobani yogurt bowl for the first time.  They were a nice addition to the mix!


Lunch today was a piece of veggie stromboli and a side salad courtesy of a lunch & learn.  Pictures of lunch not included because it would have been inappropriate at the time.  The lunch left me so stuffed that I didn’t eat the afternoon snack I packed!

Tonight’s dinner in our house was a potluck…pretty much everyone had different things.  I enjoyed a chicken taco made with some of my Salsa Crockpot Chicken leftover from last week, a sprinkle of cheese, some salsa and a few dollops of plain Chobani all rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla.  Delicious!!


While doing my typical 30 minute elliptical session tonight I was skimming some magazines and started to make a wish list in my head of some things I would buy if I won $100!

Three things on my wish list right now:



  • a really nice cutting board


What would be on your wish list if you won $100??


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2 Responses to Wish List Wednesday

  1. On my list? A new pair of jeans (may be a little over $100) 🙂 unless they’re on sale.
    I need my UGG cleaner and sealer for my Xmas present from my MIL.
    And, I’d like a monitor calibrator for my blog and photography.

    I hope we both get an extra $100 soon! 😉

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