Kinderdance Attempt #1

Last night was the girls’ first night of Kinderdance, an introduction to dance class offered through our local rec council.  I signed the girls up thinking it would be a great way to gauge their interest in dance since the class offers an introduction to ballet and tap.  The girls have been so excited to go and have been asking me constantly whether it was ballet night.

The course description gave no information as to the type of attire required for the class so I took the girls to Kinderdance in the same clothes they wore all day to school…jeans, long-sleeved t-shirt and sneakers.

BIG MISTAKE!!  Most of the other little girls were wearing ballet slippers, leotards and ballet skirts.  When Kay-Kay and Ry-Ry saw those girls dressed in their ballet clothes that was all they could focus on.

The girls REFUSED to participate since they didn’t have ballet slippers and ballet skirts!  Instead they sat on my lap on the mat and watched everything the teacher and the little girls did.  They were the only girls not participating and I was the only parent sitting with their child on the mat.

I tried to encourage them to participate in class by telling them that we would get ballet gear this weekend and they would have it for the next class.  They weren’t buying it!!Towards the end of the class the girls decided to participate but kept making it known that they wanted to ballet shoes!

Goal for the weekend – find ballet slippers, leotards, tights and ballet skirts so that maybe, just maybe, the girls will participate in Kinderdance next Thursday night!

Breakfast yesterday included chocolate protein overnight oats with strawberries.


Mid-morning snack was the usual Chobani, cereal and fruit.


Lunch was soup and salad.



Afternoon snack was a Larabar.


Dinner was a veggie burger with mustard on a whole wheat sandwich thin and some sautéed zucchini.


Today’s plans include spending some much needed quality time with the girls.  I have to work tomorrow and really want to unwind after a stressful week at work!  A trip to Target to find ballet gear may or may not be included.  Winking smile

Happy Friday!!

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4 Responses to Kinderdance Attempt #1

  1. Haha! They wanted to be 100% CERTAIN that you knew they wanted ballet shoes! 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    They definitely wanted to let me know how they felt : )

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