Crazy Busy

Today was so crazy busy!!  The morning started like every other morning…it all broke loose when I got to work.  I ended up being at work on Saturday for all of the day and still could have stayed another few hours with the hopes of getting somewhat caught up.  So, needless to say, when I got to work I had a TON of work to get done.

I spent my day balancing my time between training one of our  new interns and finishing up a project for a partner.  I felt like I was going in a thousand different directions all day.  Time flew by so quickly!!  I barely had enough time to eat my snacks and lunch…let alone take pictures of them.  I left work with a tremendous headache  Sad smile.  All I wanted to do was curl up on my bed and take a nap.

When I picked up the girls, their excitement to see me was just what I needed!  I didn’t really have much of an appetite for dinner so I ate just an English muffin with almond butter and jelly.    I’m looking forward to relaxing the rest of the evening and turning into bed pretty early.

Tomorrow is a new day!  I will still have plenty of work to do but I’m hoping the pace of the day will be a little slower!

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1 Response to Crazy Busy

  1. Hope today goes more smoothly for you and isn’t quite so hectic.

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