On the Hunt

Today was SO much better than yesterday.  Everything about today was much more calm…I didn’t feel nearly as rushed at work or home.  I’m hoping the trend continues for the rest of the week!



Today’s eats:


  • AM Snack – blueberry Chobani with a small slice of coffee cake made by a coworker


  • Lunch – huge spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, feta cheese and tuna (no dressing because I forgot to pack some Sad smile)


  • PM Snack – string cheese and a Larabar (the apple pictured was mealy and completely inedible)




On to the title of the post…well, we are on the hunt for a new vacuum…exciting, I know!!  We are pretty sure that the girls are allergic to our cat (that we have had for 7 years).  Kay-Kay gets itchy, watery eyes when she touches anything the cat has touched.  Poor Ry-Ry breaks out in hives whenever she plays around the cat or touches anything the cat touched. 



We have been extra cautious and started keeping the cat out of their bedroom and playroom.  I think that by upgrading to a better quality vacuum that is specifically designed for pet hair and allergens that we will be able to reduce the girls’ sensitivity to the cat. 

We have been researching vacuums and are leaning towards a Dyson.  I’m still doing a little more research and could use some help and input! 

Does anyone have pets and use a Dyson?  What other vacuums are great for households with pets?

Time to watch the weather and assess the potential for snow tomorrow.  I’m ready for Spring!!

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4 Responses to On the Hunt

  1. shauna825 says:

    I own the Dyson Animal and that thing is amazing! Totally worth every penny. You’ll be grossed out but how much junk it actually picks up out of the carpet. And, true to it’s name it’s great on picking up pet hair. I don’t know how it would be for allergens since I’m not allergic to either of my two cats or my dog. Good luck!

  2. I don’t have a good vacuum right now, just one we picked up in Target. We have mostly hardwood floors, so it does the trick. We mostly swiffer here. I love that Larabar, I think it’s my fav kind!

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