I’m Ready

Right now we are faced with another threatening winter storm.  It is predicted that we will get some snow and then some ice on top of the snow.  While winter weather is knocking at our door, all I can think about is this…



I am ready for spring and summer!! I’m ready for warm, sunny days.  I’m ready for walks around the neighborhood and playing outside until it’s dark.  I’m ready for cooking on the grill and lounging by the kiddie pool. 

A girl can dream…right??

Todays eats:

  • Breakfast – protein overnight oats, small bowl of grapes & coffee


  • AM Snack – Chobani with Kashi cereal and frozen blueberries


  • Lunch – gigantic salad with 2 hardboiled eggs


  • PM Snack – Larabar


  • Dinner – salmon, couscous and carrots (no picture…too hungry!!)

Workout – treadmill session:

    • 1 min. @ 3.0 mph
    • 21 min @ 5.0 mph
    • 3 min @ 3.0 mph & 7.0 incline

Yesterday, I updated my playlist on my IPod in hopes that some good music would keep me motivated for a treadmill run and it worked!  I have never been one to run for long periods of time however I really enjoyed the time I spent tonight running and organizing my thoughts. 

I’m really looking forward to signing up for a 5k race and training for it.  I’m going to try and incorporate some nice steady runs into my regular workout schedule. 

I’m ready for spring so I can try running outside!

What are you ready for??

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