Heavenly Goodness

Guess what arrived on my doorstep today??  The case of Chobani I won from Alicia at Poise in Parma!


The box was HUGE!!  Once I got through all the packing materials I was delighted to see the loot…12 cups of heavenly goodness!


I love Chobani so much that I eat at least one cup per day.  I’ll be lucky if this case lasts me 10 days!  I have tried almost every flavor in the case…I have yet to try the 2% plain so I’m really excited about that one.

Todays eats:

  • Breakfast – egg sandwich with one fried egg and a slice of American cheese on a whole wheat English muffin plus half of a pear and coffee


  • AM Snack – Chobani yogurt, frozen blueberries, granola


  • Lunch – veggie burger with southwest style rice and the other half of my pear



  • PM Snack – nothing…I wasn’t hungry and I was plowing through work in the office
  • Dinner – turkey tenderloin and a salad (no picture again…I’m slacking!!)

Tonight’s workout was a great strength training session.  During the week I have a limited amount of time in the evenings so workouts need to be quick yet effective.  I chose to do four exercises for each body part using supersets.

Shoulders Superset #1

  • Dumbbell Press on Stability Ball – 4 sets
  • Dumbbell Front Raises – 4 sets

Shoulders Superset #2

  • Dumbbell Arnold Press – 4 sets
  • Dumbbell Side Raises – 4 sets

Triceps Superset #1

  • Cable Pulldowns w/ Rope Attachment – 4 sets
  • Dumbbell Kickbacks – 4 sets

Triceps Superset #2

  • Overhead Triceps Press on Stability Ball – 4 sets
  • Dip – 4 sets

My favorite triceps exercise is definitely the overhead press…I always get a good burn when doing those!

What is your favorite triceps exercise?

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3 Responses to Heavenly Goodness

  1. BEST package ever! I loved seeing that on my front porch 🙂

  2. runnerbeangreen says:

    WOW! what a great package! ooh i like the overhead presses too – ouch but effective!

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