The Great Debate

I have always been a fan of oatmeal for breakfast.  Growing up, we usually had the pre-portioned flavored packets of oatmeal as a breakfast option.  That was really the only way we ate oatmeal. 

After leaving my parents house and venturing out on my own, oatmeal was not a regular staple in my pantry until just a few months ago.  After discovering the healthy living blog community and overnight oats, my mornings have never been the same!

I fell in love with overnight oats the first time I tried them!  I eat them almost every day for breakfast…the only time I don’t make them is when we run out of bananas.  I am slowly working on perfecting a bowl of hot oatmeal (the non-packet type).  I have only been successful one or two times in creating an edible bowl. 

As many of you may be aware, there are two different kinds of Quaker Oats – Old Fashioned Oats and Quick Oats.  When buying oats I have typically purchased the Quick Oats for my breakfast and the Old Fashioned Oats for baking.  Well…the store was out of Quick Oats the last time I needed to restock so I ended up just purchasing the Old Fashioned Oats. 




I have used the Old Fashioned Oats a few times to make some granola but I had not used them to make overnight oats or hot oats.  I tried to make a bowl of hot oats this morning using the Old Fashioned Oats.  Sad smile  Failure. 

I could not get passed the chewy texture!  I was very surprised at how different the Old Fashioned Oats were from the Quick Oats!  Unfortunately I had to dump the bowl of hot oats because I could not stand the consistency of them.  From now on, I think I’m sticking to Quick Oats for breakfast, I like the finer consistency!

What do you prefer – Old Fashioned Oats or Quick Oats??

PS. Check out my snack suggestion on the Woman’s Day website.


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  1. I like the quick oats for my breakfast too. I agree about the texture thing.

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