Things My Kids Say…Episode #1

Over the past week I have heard my kids say some of the funniest things…here is sampling of the things that I remember:

While watching a commercial for the ASPCA Kay-Kay says “Those kitties and doggies look really sad.” 

While playing with their Matchbox cars both girls can be heard saying “Move freakin’ knucklehead” and “There’s too much freakin’ traffic.”

After asking for grapes and finding out that Daddy had taken the last of the grapes for his lunch, Ry-Ry said “Freakin’ Dad ate all my grapes!”

Earlier this week Kay-Kay got in trouble for unrolling the toilet paper and shoving it under the bathroom sink.  While using the bathroom this morning she informed that “I’m not going to waste toilet paper anymore.”

While flipping through the channels we briefly stopped on the movie Elektra.  After watching for a few minutes and seeing an action scene, Ry-Ry said “We aren’t supposed to hit people, we should be nice.”




Our kids constantly keep us laughing with the things they say and do!!

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  1. HAHA!! 😀 Love it! Kids are too funny. Those aspca commercials make me cry- I always have to change the channel. Craig knows to change the channel when they come on too 🙂
    And love the ‘freakin’ traffic’ comment!!

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