May the Force Be With You

Who watched the Super Bowl last night?  Who watched for the football and who watched for the commercials?  I typically love watching the Super Bowl commercials!  Last night there were a few commercials that made me laugh and one that really made me smile!

I absolutely LOVED the VW commercial!!  As a mother I think it was extra special to me because I know how much joy something simple like that can bring to a child.   I showed the commercial to the girls and they loved it too!!  They both knew it was Star Wars as soon as the music started to play!  It was so cute!

Eats for today:

  • Breakfast – protein overnight oats with a handful of frozen raspberries, coffee


  • AM Snack – Chobani and half of a pear


  • Lunch – veggie burger on a sandwich thin, the other half of my pear, and a hard-boiled egg


  • PM Snack – a cookie brought in by a coworker (leftover from a Super Bowl party)


  • Dinner – baked tilapia, wild rice and steamed veggies


Workout for today:

  • 2 mile run on the treadmill
  • Abs moves

If you watched the Super Bowl last night, what was your favorite commercial?

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6 Responses to May the Force Be With You

  1. I LOVED the teleflorist commerical- Craig & I both looked @ each other like..OMG- did they really just say THAT on national TV?! Lol!

  2. Marie says:

    I loved both volkwagen commercials! Plus the little baby getting tailored I have a son named Enzo so it was extra funny to us!

  3. I somehow missed that one. So glad you posted it! Totally gave me a laugh. 🙂

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