Everything’s Better with Bacon

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by Liz’s recipe for Monterey Chicken.  I knew we had an open package of bacon in the fridge that was getting near the end of it’s life so using it with dinner was definitely necessary!  I didn’t follow Liz’s recipe exactly, I just used it as an inspiration.


I topped two chicken breasts with 2 slices of bacon each and some cheese.  I ate almost every bite of this dinner!  I usually have a tough time finishing an entire piece of chicken but not tonight!   Everything is definitely better with bacon!!


  • Breakfast – protein overnight oats with raspberries, coffee


  • AM Snack – Chobani (only ate half) and half a pear


  • Lunch – veggie burger on a sandwich thin, veggies & hummus (love the garden veggie hummus)



  • PM Snack – handful of almonds and the other half of a pear


  • Dinner – chicken with bacon and cheese, roasted sweet potatoes and roasted butternut squash




  • Shoulders & Triceps strength training

Question:  If you like hummus, what’s your favorite flavor?

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4 Responses to Everything’s Better with Bacon

  1. Liz @ Blog is the New Black says:

    Glad you liked the chicken- it’s so easy! 🙂

  2. Favorite hummus is the garlic flavor…but it always gives me smelly breath! lol!
    And I plan to make Liz’s recipe too! It looks sooo good- kind of reminds me of Alice Springs Chicken.

    • Karen says:

      I will have to give the garlic hummus a try…I like garlic but not the smelly breath! : ) Alice Springs Chicken – from Outback! I could not remember the name of that dish!

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