Not Feeling It

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope everyone had a great day with their special someone!  I bought the girls little gift bags with Valentine’s treats and had them waiting for them this morning.  They were so excited!!  They each got a new book, a workbook, and some candy.

Today’s scheduled workout was a treadmill session…I was not feeling it.  After getting home from work and putting my workout clothes on I was hoping to get motivated.  I made dinner and checked my e-mail before heading to the basement for my run. 

Once I got started I totally got into it!! I had some great music pumping through my IPod that I instantly got sucked into the music and powered through a quick 20 minute run!  I am so happy that I gave it a shot because I felt totally awesome afterwards!!

How do you convince yourself to workout on days you aren’t motivated?


  • Breakfast – protein pancakes with nectarine, blueberries and syrup


  • AM Snack – protein shake and half of a pear (recycled pic)


  • Lunch – salad, nectarine and Larabar



  • PM Snack – mango Chobani (LOVE LOVE LOVE) and other half of the pear
  • Dinner – turkey soft taco (no picture – I forgot Smile with tongue out)


  • 20 minutes on the treadmill – 1.64 miles

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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