By the time Saturday night rolls around I usually have no desire to cook.  Some of our Saturday meals are quick and easy meals gathered from items found in our freezer or leftovers, sometimes pizza, and sometimes we go out to eat. 

Tonight we decided to go to Arooga’s, a local sports bar.  It’s nice and loud so we don’t have to worry about keeping the kids quiet and there are TV’s EVERYWHERE so there is plenty to distract them while we wait for our food. 

We had a great meal and I was able to snap some great pictures of the girls after we finished eating.






  • Breakfast – protein overnight oats w/ frozen blueberries, coffee


  • AM Snack – protein shake


  • Lunch – BBQ chicken sandwich on a sandwich thin, sautéed zucchini, nectarine


  • PM Snack – lemon Chobani (LOVED IT!!!) & Larabar



  • Dinner – Mexican chicken wrap from Arooga’s (no picture)


  • Chest Strength Training
  • Treadmill – 3 miles @ 5.0 – finished up @ 3.0 for 3 minutes

Time to enjoy a quiet evening with the hubby!  Happy Saturday!!

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Winds of Change

Exciting things have been happening around here!! I have been doing a lot of reading and researching and I finally decided that I am going to make the transition to self-hosting my blog!  There are two main reasons for my decision – the ability to have commenters notified via e-mail of responses to comments and the ability to customize my blog. 

I really, really wanted to be able to let readers know when I (or someone else) respond to their comments!  I know how much I enjoy those e-mails saying that a comment I left on a blog has a new reply, I want the readers of my blog to feel that same excitement.

I’m still working on some of the details and behind the scenes stuff but I hope to have the switch made in the next two weeks!  Keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement – you will need to update your Google Readers and re-subscribe to my feeds. 

I’m still learning so much about blogging and can’t wait to keep improving my blog.  Stay tuned for the big reveal!!


  • Breakfast – protein overnight oats w/ frozen blueberries, coffee


  • AM Snack – English muffin w/ Dark Chocolate Dreams & 1/2 banana


  • Lunch – pineapple Chobani & Larabar


  • PM Snack – handful of granola (no picture)
  • Dinner – chicken tenders, leftover roasted butternut squash



  • 35 minutes on the elliptical
  • Abs


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Not Quite Myself

It’s finally Thursday…my work week is over, although I will probably end up working from home tomorrow since I’ve got lots and lots of work to do!  I’m looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow!

I’m not quite feeling like myself tonight.  After staying up late last night to watch the UNC/Duke basketball game Crying face  I knew that I would be tired today.    What I didn’t count on was the PMS and the sore throat!  I know, TMI…but these cramps are killing me! 

I really hope I’m not getting sick!!  I have a little bit of a sore throat and that usually ends up being a precursor to a cold Sad smile  Right now I’m drinking some tea with honey in hopes that the warm liquids will help my throat.  I’m also going to bed nice and early so I can get plenty of rest! 

What do you do when you are starting to feel sick?  I’m willing to try anything to not get sick!


  • Breakfast – protein overnight oats w/ frozen blueberries, coffee


  • AM Snack – Chobani, half of an apple


  • Lunch – veggie burger w/salsa on a sandwich thin, veggies & hummus


  • PM Snack – Larabar, hard boiled egg (no picture)
  • Dinner – spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread (no picture)


  • Rest day (Kinderdance night)


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Shipping From Where?

I’ve been on the hunt for a small shaker to use for my protein shakes.  We have a few large shakers but they are so large that it’s awkward for me to use them because my small hands can barely hold it enough to shake it.  I finally found one that I liked on



It was exactly the size I wanted – 12 oz. – and it was on sale for $1.49!!!  Only $1.49!!  So of course I ordered two – one for home and one for work.  I also ended up ordering some vitamins (finally – I’ve been stealing Princess vitamins for a few weeks now) and some calcium chews since I’m almost out of current calcium supplement. 

When I completed the order and got my shipping e-mail from I was surprised to see that all of the items in my order were being shipped from PA.  Being curious, I searched the website to find the location of their PA warehouse. 

I was shocked to learn that had a distribution warehouse in Shiremanstown, PA – 9.2 miles from my house (per Google Maps).  In other words – I just paid $6.95 to have a package shipped from a warehouse 9.2 miles from my house!!  Really??!!  I could have driven to the warehouse and back in 20 minutes!  Why did it take 2 days for my package to arrive via UPS?? 

This isn’t the first time this has happened either! has a few warehouses in Central PA, one of which I can see from my backyard and could walk to if need be.  One time I ordered something from Amazon (I don’t remember what it was) but wouldn’t you know…it was shipped from the warehouse in my backyard!! Fortunately, when it comes to Amazon purchases I typically make sure to take advantage of the free Super Saving Shipping so I doubt I actually paid for shipping. 

Do you ever wish that sometimes you could save time and money if a company would just let you pick your package up from a local warehouse??  Has this ever happened to anyone else?


  • Breakfast – protein overnight oats w/ frozen blueberries, coffee


  • AM Snack – protein shaker (in my new shaker) and half an apple


  • Lunch – awesome salad w/ spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced almonds, dried cranberries, feta cheese, tuna and balsamic vinaigrette dressing, Larabar



  • PM Snack – Valentine’s Day treat brought in my a coworker -aren’t they cute? – they are peanut butter sandwich crackers dipped in chocolate – delicious!



  • Dinner – pre-workout was a piece of bread with peanut butter – post workout was another protein shake (I can’t believe I had 3 scoops of protein today – eek!)



  • Legs strength training
  • Abs

Getting ready to cheer on the UNC Tarheels – Go Heel Go!!!

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Everything’s Better with Bacon

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by Liz’s recipe for Monterey Chicken.  I knew we had an open package of bacon in the fridge that was getting near the end of it’s life so using it with dinner was definitely necessary!  I didn’t follow Liz’s recipe exactly, I just used it as an inspiration.


I topped two chicken breasts with 2 slices of bacon each and some cheese.  I ate almost every bite of this dinner!  I usually have a tough time finishing an entire piece of chicken but not tonight!   Everything is definitely better with bacon!!


  • Breakfast – protein overnight oats with raspberries, coffee


  • AM Snack – Chobani (only ate half) and half a pear


  • Lunch – veggie burger on a sandwich thin, veggies & hummus (love the garden veggie hummus)



  • PM Snack – handful of almonds and the other half of a pear


  • Dinner – chicken with bacon and cheese, roasted sweet potatoes and roasted butternut squash




  • Shoulders & Triceps strength training

Question:  If you like hummus, what’s your favorite flavor?

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May the Force Be With You

Who watched the Super Bowl last night?  Who watched for the football and who watched for the commercials?  I typically love watching the Super Bowl commercials!  Last night there were a few commercials that made me laugh and one that really made me smile!

I absolutely LOVED the VW commercial!!  As a mother I think it was extra special to me because I know how much joy something simple like that can bring to a child.   I showed the commercial to the girls and they loved it too!!  They both knew it was Star Wars as soon as the music started to play!  It was so cute!

Eats for today:

  • Breakfast – protein overnight oats with a handful of frozen raspberries, coffee


  • AM Snack – Chobani and half of a pear


  • Lunch – veggie burger on a sandwich thin, the other half of my pear, and a hard-boiled egg


  • PM Snack – a cookie brought in by a coworker (leftover from a Super Bowl party)


  • Dinner – baked tilapia, wild rice and steamed veggies


Workout for today:

  • 2 mile run on the treadmill
  • Abs moves

If you watched the Super Bowl last night, what was your favorite commercial?

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Things My Kids Say…Episode #1

Over the past week I have heard my kids say some of the funniest things…here is sampling of the things that I remember:

While watching a commercial for the ASPCA Kay-Kay says “Those kitties and doggies look really sad.” 

While playing with their Matchbox cars both girls can be heard saying “Move freakin’ knucklehead” and “There’s too much freakin’ traffic.”

After asking for grapes and finding out that Daddy had taken the last of the grapes for his lunch, Ry-Ry said “Freakin’ Dad ate all my grapes!”

Earlier this week Kay-Kay got in trouble for unrolling the toilet paper and shoving it under the bathroom sink.  While using the bathroom this morning she informed that “I’m not going to waste toilet paper anymore.”

While flipping through the channels we briefly stopped on the movie Elektra.  After watching for a few minutes and seeing an action scene, Ry-Ry said “We aren’t supposed to hit people, we should be nice.”




Our kids constantly keep us laughing with the things they say and do!!

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