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Loving the Warmth

The weather today was gorgeous!  All the snow is melted and we can actually see grass!!  Since the weather was so nice today we took advantage of the last few hours of daylight after school today and played outside. I … Continue reading

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Getting Better

The girls are on the mend!  They stayed home from school today but I’m pretty sure they will be going back tomorrow!  Last night was rough…they each woke up a few times during the night.  Needless to say I was … Continue reading

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Sick Day

My poor little babies are sick.    I got a call around 10:30 from the girls’ school saying that Ry-Ry had a fever and wasn’t participating in class or playing with any of the kids or toys.  I gathered my … Continue reading

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Things My Kids Say…Episode #1

Over the past week I have heard my kids say some of the funniest things…here is sampling of the things that I remember: While watching a commercial for the ASPCA Kay-Kay says “Those kitties and doggies look really sad.”  While … Continue reading

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Chicken Salsa Casserole

I’m so glad it’s Friday!!  I want to wish my Mom a very Happy Birthday!!!  I enjoyed a great day home with my girls.  We had a relaxing morning that included getting all bundled up and playing in the snow. … Continue reading

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Kinderdance Attempt #2

We have success!!!  After last weeks debacle, I am happy to report that both girls actively participated in Kinderdance last night!!  Of course, they were fully decked out in leotards, tights and ballet slippers!  I didn’t have to sit with … Continue reading

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Marinated Chicken Fingers

Working from home was surprisingly productive today!  There was a break in the snow for most of the afternoon but it started back up again right around 4.  It’s been snowing pretty good for several hours now and is expected … Continue reading

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On the Hunt

Today was SO much better than yesterday.  Everything about today was much more calm…I didn’t feel nearly as rushed at work or home.  I’m hoping the trend continues for the rest of the week! (Source) Today’s eats: Breakfast – chocolate … Continue reading

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Kinderdance Attempt #1

Last night was the girls’ first night of Kinderdance, an introduction to dance class offered through our local rec council.  I signed the girls up thinking it would be a great way to gauge their interest in dance since the … Continue reading

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Feeling Like A Princess

We woke up this morning to a nice layer of snow and ice outside.  It ended up being about two inches of snow with a layer of ice on top.  Unfortunately, it did require some shoveling.   I’m ready for … Continue reading

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